Waukesha Pump- Lobe Series Install

WAUKESHA PUMPS – UNIVERSAL LOBE SERIES – POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMP “Universal Lobe – Installation” Installation flexibility   • Bidirectional flow. Rotors, locked with belleville washers and torqued nuts, rotate securely in either direction. No more flow direction/shaft position specification. • Interchangeable installation dimensions with Universal and Universal II PD pumps. • Versatile 3-Way mounting of … Continued

Waukesha Valves- W68/W88 Removal

WAUKESHA VALVES – W68/W88 SERIES – PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE “Pressure Control Valve- Removing the Valve” VALVE REMOVAL Before detaching the port connections on the valve body, perform the following: 1. Clean, rinse and drain the pipe system elements attached to the valve. 2. Remove or block the fluid and gas lines to prevent material from … Continued

Waukesha Pumps- Universal 2 Features

WAUKESHA PUMPS – UNIVERSAL II – POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT “Universal II Pump – Product Features”   Sanitary Features • CIP capability available. Pump body has optional internal flat body profile and will free drain with vertical ports. Optional rotor and body hub drilling provided for difficult CIP cleaning applications. • Cover is free draining in horizontal … Continued

Waukesha Pumps – C Series

WAUKESHA PUMPS – C SERIES – CENTRIFUGAL PUMP “C Series Pump – Overview” This manual contains installation, operation, cleaning, repair instructions, and parts lists for the C-Series Centrifugal Pumps. It also provides a troubleshooting chart to help in determining and correcting possible pump problems. The C-Series Centrifugal Pumps consist of two sections, the motor assembly … Continued

Waukesha Pumps- Industrial Overview

WAUKESHA PUMPS – UNIVERSAL II INDUSTRIAL SERIES – POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMP “Universal II Industrial – Overview”   • 316L stainless steel pump body and cover (standard). • Exclusive, non-galling Waukesha “88” alloy rotors standard; permits running at tighter clearances and pumping a wide range of viscosities. 316L stainless steel rotors also available. • No internal … Continued

Waukesha Valves – WR60 & WR 80

WAUKESHA VALVES – WR60/WR80 SERIES – OVER PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE “Overview” APPLICATION W80 Series valves utilize a stem flush adapter to provide a liquid or steam barrier around the valve stem. All actuator, body configurations, valve seat and control module options available for W60 Series valves are available for the W80*. In addition, the W80 … Continued

Waukesha Pumps- Alloy 88

WAUKESHA PUMPS – POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT “Alloy 88”   Waukesha Alloy 88 is the standard rotor material for Universal I, Universal II, Universal Lobe, Universal 420/520 and 5000 Series Rotary PD pumps. This alloy was developed specifically for corrosion resistance and close operating clearance requirements of high performance rotary positive displacement pumps. Alloy 88 is a … Continued

Waukesha Votator 2

WAUKESHA VOTATOR II – SCRAPED SURFACE HEAT EXCHANGER “Votator II Applications”   Versatile In Applications Heat Sensitive Products – Delicate products which are adversely affected by prolonged exposure to heat are effectively processed in Votator® II Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers. The scraper blades prevent product from remaining on the heat transfer surface by continuously removing … Continued

Waukesha Valves- W265/W285 Divert Valve

WAUKESHA VALVES – W265/W285 FD HTST – DIVERT VALVE “Divert Valves – Overview”   SPECIFICATIONS W265 FD Standard Flow Diversion Valve Assembly W285 FD Stem Flush Flow Diversion Valve Assembly   FEATURES SIZES: 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 4″ Flush ports Snap on Tef-Flow™ P Seats Maintainable actuators (4″, 5″, 6″) Use with existing control … Continued

Waukesha Pumps- 200 Series Overview

WAUKESHA PUMPS – 200 SERIES – CENTRIFUGAL PUMP “200 Series Pump – Overview” OVERVIEW The Waukesha 200 Series Pump is built for extremely durable service. The casing, backplate and impeller/stub shaft are cast 316L stainless steel for extra strength and resistance to line shock and corrosion. Large bearings and shaft provide positive alignment and minimize … Continued