Waukesha Pumps- 200 LR

WAUKESHA PUMPS – 200 SERIES LR SELF PRIMING – CENTRIFUGAL PUMP   “200 Series LR – Overview” PUMP CHARACTERISTICS The 200LR (Liquid Ring) Self-Priming Pump handles products with entrained air as well as maintaining its prime when other pumps become air bound. This feature makes the 200LR the best choice for complete emptying of tanks … Continued

Waukesha Trade Shows

SPX will be showcasing it’s products including Waukesha and APV at many Trade show events in the upcoming months. Of these events, shows included are the Process Expo in Chicago in September.

Waukesha Valves W90

WAUKESHA VALVES – W90 SERIES – DIAPHRAGM VALVE   “Aseptic Diaphragm Stem Seal Valve- Air to Raise Actuator”   INSTALLING THE DIAPHRAGM   1. Lubricate the new diaphragm with Dow Silicone #7 around the outer edge where it contacts the body (1½ inch valves) or the spacer (2 inch valves or larger). 2. Place the … Continued

Waukesha Pumps- WFI

WAUKESHA PUMPS – WFI CENTRIFUGAL PUMP “Water for Injection” OVERVIEW Adapted from the rugged, precision 200 Series design for pumping water for injection; modifications to seal area prevent leakage of contaminants into pumpage. Although designed for high purity, pyrogen-free fluid used in pharmaceutical products, this pump is ideal for pumping high purity, deionized water, such … Continued

Waukesha Valves W30 Overview

WAUKESHA VALVES – W30– HIGH PRESSURE VALVE “Overview”   FEATURES   • 316L Stainless Steel Construction Machined from Solid Bar Stock with All Surfaces Machined 32RA or Better • Product Line or Vessel Connection 3/4-Inch Weld, 1/2-Inch “S” Clamp, 1-1/2- Inch “S” Clamp • SIP – Steam or Water Flush Connection 1/8-Inch Stainless Steel Tube … Continued

Waukesha Pump – C Series Start

WAUKESHA PUMP – C SERIES – CENTRIFUGAL PUMP   “C Series Pump – When Starting a Pump”   1. If the pump has a flush seal option, start the flow of flush water (recommended rate is approximately 5 US gallons per hour) before operating the pump. 2. Before starting the pump, prime the pump by … Continued

GEMU Valves

GEMU VALVES – SANITARY DIAPHRAGM VALVES “Sanitary Diaphragm Valves- M600 03-021 2”   DESCRIPTION   The type M600 03-02I 2 way multi-port is a compact valve with many features which make it ideal for pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications.   STANDARD FEATURES   • Most compact central cavity available with minimal dead leg • Machined from … Continued

Waukesha Centrifugal Pump- 200 Series

WAUKESHA PUMPS – 200 SERIES – CENTRIFUGAL PUMP “200 Series Pump – Operating Parameters”   OPERATING PERAMETERS   Nominal Capacity Up to 1150 U.S. GPM (260 Cubic Meters/Hr.)   Viscosity Up to 1500 CPS   Differential Pressure UP to 340 Feet (100 Meters)   Temperature Up to 450°F (230°C)   Nominal Speeds 1450 or 2900 … Continued

Waukesha Valves W80

WAUKESHA VALVES – W80 SERIES – STEM FLUSH VALVE “W80- Overview” APPLICATION W80 Series valves utilize a stem flush adapter to provide a liquid or steam barrier around the valve stem. All actuator, body configurations, valve seat and control module options available for W60 Series valves are available for the W80*. In addition, the W80 … Continued

Waukesha Pumps 420/520 Installation

WAUKESHA PUMPS – UNIVERSAL 420/520 – POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT   “Universal 420/520 High Capacity Pump – Installation”   Installation/Maintenance Flexibility   • Bi-directional flow. No flow direction specification needed. • 4-Way mounting of gear case, including vertical alignment of ports. • Side mount gearcase mounting feet available. • Waukesha single, double or commercially available mechanical seals. … Continued