The Williams-Carver Company, Inc. is a Master Distributor for leading Manufacturers of ammonia refrigeration compressors, evaporative condensers, evaporative air units, pumps and valves, and other equipment to handle all your component needs throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

he Williams-Carver Company, Inc. is committed to Quality and Personal service that customers expect in today’s market. This customer support network is why The Williams-Carver Company, Inc. has such a large repeat customer base.





  • VILTER: Refrigeration Compressors, Condensers, Vessels, Air Units and Parts
  • HANSEN TECHNOLOGIES: Refrigeration Valves- Regulators, Solenoids, Reliefs, Liquid Level Controllers, Auto Purger Systems, Parts
  • REFRIGERATION SPECIALTIES: Refrigeration Valves – Regulators, Solenoids, Reliefs, Parts
  • HENRY: Refrigeration Valves, Regulators, Solenoids, Relief, Parts
  • KRACK: Refrigeration Air Coils
  • EVAPCO: Refrigeration Condensers & Air Coils, Packaged Refrigeration Systems
  • BALTIMORE AIRCOIL (BAC): Refrigeration Condensers & Air Coils
  • PHILLIPS: Liquid Level Controls & Systems
  • PRESSURE VESSELS: Receivers, Accumulators, Oil Pots
  • WILLIAMS-CARVER: Dehumidifiers
  • WILLIAMS-CARVER: Compressor Oil