Waukesha Votator Seals



“Mechanical Seals”

The Votator II is furnished with either a single or double mechanical seal on both ends of the mutator shaft. Units furnished before 2005 were installed with either a single or double mechanical seal configuration. Certain Votator II units have also been supplied with a special “Ball-lock Mechanical Seal” or a “Packing Gland” instead.

Single Mechanical Seal

The single mechanical seal is normally not flushed but it can be. It is shipped with a lip seal designed to contain water or a liquid flush. The spring in the seal must be removed and the seal reinstalled with the lip in the relief position to allow flushing. This will minimize any damage to the contact surface on the stub end of the shaft.

When the single mechanical seal is rotating, there must be product or water flow to provide cooling to the rotating surfaces to avoid permanent damage to the seal assembly.
If the seal is flushed, the fluid flow should be in the range of 5 to 10 gallons per hour and not exceed 5 psig. Piping to seals should be in the bottom of head and out the top and with parallel flow, never in series.


Double Mechanical Seal

The double mechanical seal is furnished with a primary seal for product and a secondary seal to contain a steam or water flush.



*See SPX manual on Votator II located under the Manuals tab