Waukesha Pump – C Series Start



“C Series Pump – When Starting a Pump”


1. If the pump has a flush seal option, start the flow of flush water (recommended rate is approximately 5 US gallons per hour) before operating the pump.
2. Before starting the pump, prime the pump by flooding the pump casing with liquid to avoid damaging the pump parts. Depending on the installation, refer to either:
• Priming the Pump with the Feed Source Above Pump Level
• Priming the Pump with the Feed Source Below Pump Level
3. Start the pump motor.
4. Check the pump to ensure that the liquid is flowing and that all piping connections and seals are leak-free.
5. Make sure that the pump is not operating against a closed discharge. Continued operation against a closed discharge will heat the liquid in the casing to boiling and lead to pump damage.
6. Slowly open the discharge valve until the desired flow is obtained. Observe the pressure gauges. If pressure is not attained quickly, stop the pump and prime it again.

*See SPX manuals on Centrifugal C Series located under the Manuals tab