Waukesha Valves W90



“Aseptic Diaphragm Stem Seal Valve- Air to Raise Actuator”


1. Lubricate the new diaphragm with Dow Silicone #7 around the outer edge where it contacts the body (1½ inch valves) or the spacer (2 inch valves or larger).
2. Place the diaphragm on the threaded stem extension. Make sure the support is on the stem before the diaphragm is put in place.
3. Lubricate the o-ring on the spacer and push the spacer into the upper body (2 inch valves or larger). There is no spacer on the 1½ inch valves.
4. Put the stem through the upper body and screw it onto the threaded upper stem.
5. Tighten the stems using two 5/8 inch wrenches.
6. Connect the air supply to the actuator.


NOTE: The air supply must have a regulator.

7. Slowly increase the air supply pressure to the actuator so the stem is pulled up against the lower part of the upper body. Continue to apply the air pressure, causing the body and spacer to pull up over the diaphragm and adapter. As the body and spacer are pulled into place, the diaphragm is pulled into the groove and seated in the adapter all the way around.
8. With the air pressure still applied, clamp the upper body to the adapter.
9. Install the actuator/upper body in the system in the reverse order of removal.


*See SPX manuals on W90 Valve located under the Manuals tab